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Application / Contract

Application / Contract

Bradner Bengals Application

Today's Date:___________________________.

Street Address:__________________________.
City, State, Zip code:_____________________.
Phone Number:_________________________.

1. Why did you choose to adopt from Bradner Bengals?

2. How did you hear about Bradner Bengals? Did anyone refer you?

3. Do you believe in declawing?

4. What will you feed your kitten?

5. Do you understand that all deposits are non-refundable?

6. Do you prefer a male or female kitten?

7. What color/pattern do you prefer?

8. List 2 references that do not live with you? Name, phone number, relation, years known.

9. How many people / animals do you live with? Name, age, relation.

10. What do you know about the Bengal Breed?

11. Who will your kitten's veterinarian be?

12. Are you willing to send us updates on your kitten?



Bradner Bengals Contract

Bengal Kitten Contract of Sale:                                  
Today's Date: ______________________.

This Pet Agreement is entered into between Sandra Kirkman and ______________________.

Purchaser Street Address:_________________________________________________________.
Purchaser City, State, Zip code:____________________________________________________.
Purchaser Phone Number:______________________________.
Purchaser Email:_________________________________________________________________.
In Consideration of the sum of $ _________________________.

Information of kitten being sold:

Breed: Bengal





Purchaser agrees to the following: (Please initial all spaces marked with an "X")

By initialing the below terms, purchaser agrees to abide by them. If purchaser breaches ANY of the below terms of this contract all guarantees of this contract will be null and void.

A signed copy will be presented to or mailed to Bradner Bengals Cattery.

All sales are final, no returns, refunds, or exchanges except what is outlined by the terms of this agreement.

Bradner Bengals requires a $500.00 non-refundable kitten deposit: __________________________X.

No hold shall be placed upon a kitten until the full deposit is received, regardless if partial payments are made. The deposit will be put toward another litter/kitten. Kitten deposits are non-refundable at all times because they are required to maintain upkeep of the cattery in between litter releases as well as preserve the seriousness of purchasing a Bradner Bengal Kitten, they also allow us to complete testing and give vaccinations.

Purchase price does NOT include the cost of Shipping or Delivery. Shipping or Delivery will be determined at a later date. The Breeder warrants that the kitten is healthy and in good condition at the time he/she is shipped to Purchaser, as evidenced by a veterinarian's health certificate and vaccination records, which shall accompany the kitten. The Breeder is not responsible for any injury or damage to the kitten after kitten is left with airline.

All kittens must be paid for by the time they are 8-10 weeks old. The kitten must be picked up or shipped no earlier than 12 weeks old, unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to by both parties in writing. Any kitten left here after 13 weeks of age without prior notice shall be charged $30.00 a day boarding fee. After 14 weeks old, the kitten will be considered abandoned unless other arrangements have been made. The deposit will be forfeited and kitten shall be resold.

This kitten is sold only as a pet. Purchaser is to spay/neuter this kitten by the time the kitten reaches 6-8 months of age, and provide seller with proof of spay/neuter from a licensed veterinarian. Failure to provide proof of spay/neuter will result in forfeiture of TICA registration papers and a fee of $5000.00. If the cat produces a litter of kittens, you will be fined $5000.00 per kitten. The purchaser will sign over the cat and litter of kittens to Bradner Bengals Cattery. All expenses occurred will be responsibility of the purchaser of this contract. _______________X.

Kitten shall NOT be sold, leased, given away, abandoned to a shelter, pound, pet shop, research laboratory, humane organization, or any similar facility. If Purchaser is unable to care for the kitten, Purchaser shall notify Breeder immediately. Breeder is given 1st choice to take the kitten/cat back. Purchaser shall use all reasonable effort to rehome the kitten and purchaser shall provide details in writing of kitten's new Owner to the Breeder. If for any reason at any time you do not want this kitten/cat you will return it back to the Breeder free of charge. If shipping is required, Breeder will reimburse $350.00 for shipping fees.

Purchaser agrees to take good care of this cat so as to provide food, shelter, suitably healthy, and stimulating environment, correct routine and accident-related medical attention, exercise, and affection. It is agreed that this cat will not be allowed outside without adult supervision.

The Breeder makes no guarantees as to the temperament. We pride ourselves on the way we socialize our kittens. The Breeder cannot predict how a kitten will react to a new home and environment away from the cattery and the kitten's littermates. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to slowly transition the kitten into the new household and to ensure adequate socialization. The Breeder is not responsible for any injury obtained from kitten.

Purchaser shall take kitten to the Purchaser's veterinarian within (3) business days after pick-up or delivery of kitten and provide the breeder with proof of the examination ______________X.

Multi-cat households: The Breeder's guarantee only covers the health of the kitten. If Purchaser has a multi-cat / multi-pet household, and your other pets come down with health issues after kitten is introduced, seller is not responsible for any other veterinary expenses for your other felines or pets, as we are not responsible for their health. Similarly, if the kitten comes down with health issues after its introduction to the multi-pet household, we will not be responsible unless your Vet certifies, in writing, that kitten's health issues are congenital issues. It is Purchaser's responsibility to quarantine/isolate kitten for at least fourteen (14) days of receiving the kitten, if the kitten is going to a multi-pet household. Unless otherwise agreed to by the seller in writing. This provision of quarantining/isolating the kitten for at least 14 days is a strict requirement and Purchaser will void all health guarantees under this contract if the kitten is not quarantined/isolated for at least 14 days ____________X.

Purchaser agrees never to vaccinate this kitten against FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). The effectiveness of the vaccine has not been established and the vaccine can cause the disease. Failure to comply will void all Health Guarantees. ____________X.

The Breeder recommends against the use of Ketamine as anesthesia. There have been reports of Bengals dying with the use of Ketamine as anesthesia. Isoflurane or Sevoflurane are proven to be much safer anesthesia's for Bengals. Please discuss this with your Veterinarian.

Breeder (Seller):

Name: Sandra Kirkman.
Signature: ____________________________________.
Date: ________________________________________.
Purchaser Price: $____________________.
Deposit: $___________________________.
Shipping Expenses: $_________________.
Total Due: $_________________________.

Name: ___________________________________________.

Signature: ________________________________________.

Date: _______________________________.

Bradner Bengals, PO BOX 163, Bradner, OH, 43406

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