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Bengal Kittens


Individual Kitten Prices are found next to the Picture of the Kitten in our Kitten Section and are numbered for easy identification.

Kittens are evaluated when they are 8-10 Weeks old

All Kittens are Priced as Pets. 

The Prices are based on Color, Age, and Looks.

Fill out an application if interested under the Application/Contract Section and e-mail it to  Once your application is approved We will do a video chat so you can see the Kittens you are Interested in and you can choose your Kitten.  There is a non-refundable $500 Deposit to hold your Kitten which will be deducted off the price of the Kitten.  We will then arrange for Pick-up, Delivery Or Meeting half way.

There is a Fee for Delivery for over 100 miles.


Contact Us for Breeders Prices.

We have Payment Plans.

Our Website is Updated Regularly.

Contact us by E-Mail or Phone for Breeders Prices.

To reserve a kitten please email us at

Contact Us

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